Wassup!! young and vibrant youths of Nigeria.

There is an informal saying which goes thus: “3 in 5 Nigerians are entrepreneurs”; you may disagree or agree with this but you have to acknowledge that there is some truth in this statement. Need proof? answer these question then, how many recharge card sellers are on your street? how many ‘mallams’, ‘meshias’ are selling in your area? how many food sellers do you see outside schools, offices and public areas? how many barbing saloons do you see “open for business” on the side of the roads? i could go on and on and on and on….(i better stop).


This is good in fact it is WONDERFUL, it is an indication that majority of Nigerians are hardworking and business-oriented.


It is not a hidden fact that Nigeria is loaded with business opportunities. I know people who used proceeds from their barbing saloon business to pay their way through school employing and training others in the process. I know women who sold fish and ‘akara’ to sustain her family and send three children to university. I know of young individuals who came to Abuja from different parts of Nigeria – they started small retail shops and with persistence and time they all grew into bigger shops, making them financially stable in the process. There are many stories out there, i am sure you have your stories too (you can email me or leave a comment below).


For average youths in Nigeria, connections and financial capital are not usually readily available, but hope is not lost, here are some broad business ideas that can be started with capital within the range of N30’000 – N200’000.


  • FOOD: Nigeria’s population currently stands at 186 million (officially) i personally believe we way more than this. This means more people need food to eat, if you are considering engaging in the food business in Nigeria think of the very basic food and snacks most Nigerians enjoy, here are some examples – ‘moi-moi’, ‘akara’, ‘chin-chin’,‘kuli kuli’, meat pie,‘jollof rice’, rice and stew, ‘garri’ and wide variety of soups, fish, ‘puff puff’, doughnuts, yam, semolina, biscuits, candy, plantain chips, potato chips etc. If you have more capital you can consider farming.


  • DRINK: We like to drink, which is why big beverage brands prosper in Nigeria. A young Nigerian entrepreneur can consider building a business out of – ‘Kunu’, ‘Zobo’, homemade juice, ginger drinks, water etc.


  •  SERVICES: There are services that are vital in Nigeria – transport, barbing and make up. There are many more out there. Find them and do your research.


My job is to provide insight; your job is to find the business idea that aligns with your interest. It is important to do your research.


If you have more business ideas to share comment or send through the email.




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