Like any topic out there, some will be for others will be against.

Degrees in: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Finance/Economics will more often than not position you in a more favourable position for employment in the Nigerian economy. You need proof?, of course we always need proof. Find some insights below:

  • SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS: Nigeria is gradually going digital. Online banking, e-commerce, mobile phones, tablets, social media influx, websites -these trends are here to stay and will continuously evolve. If your degree is related to science and tech that means you will thrive in the modern economy of Nigeria. Engineering, this does not require much explanation, Nigeria is a developing economy: construction, machinery maintenance and building, etc will make engineering a highly sought after for the very near future.


  • MATHEMATICS: Well its maths, so better take lessons to enhance your numeracy skills because it is a vital component of the modern world.


  • FINANCE/ECONOMICS: Money, in which ever form it takes, has been and will continue to be part of human societies. Therefore it is imperative to have people to manage and control the money on National and Private sector levels.


If your degree does not fall into the above categories, don’t stress, get useful skills such as MS Office, typing, and most importantly look for a need and provide a solution for that need. In fact that is what the world needs, problem solvers.


Brothers and Sisters, this is clearly an opinion, but try and see reason in the content.




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